Statement of Fact – CWC Cable Park & Aqua Park 

The person responsible for booking has sought permission from the Parent or Guardian and made them aware of CWC Terms of Use.  

CWC’s acceptance of any booking will only be done subject to the customer’s acceptance of these conditions. Payment will be regarded as evidence of acceptance of and consent to these conditions.

Safety is of great importance at all times. Watersports can be hazardous and customers (if under the age of 18 their parents/guardians) must accept that there are risks when practicing the above mentioned activities.

Customers must comply with all safety and general instructions given by CWC and its staff. 

Do not swim underneath the aqua park or cablepark features and do not enter the water without permission to do so. 

Type 3 CE Certified buoyancy vest must be worn at all times.

Only those of sound health are to do any activities on site. If you or any customers which you are booking on behalf of have a medical condition/differing ability which may affect one’s ability/experience you must make CWC management aware before participating in the activities. 

Management reserves the right to refuse a booking.

Medical Attention

The customer will permit for basic First Aid to be administered by a qualified member of staff or by a qualified medical practitioner and in case of a medical emergency for a medical practitioner to provide emergency treatment and/or medication.

Unruly Behaviour

Management and staff are entitled without prior notice to expel an unruly customer immediately. No refunds will be made and the customer is liable for any damage caused. The consumption of alcohol or drugs/illegal substances on CWC’s premises is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted. Parents/Guardians are liable for their children.


We occasionally take photographs during our sessions, which may appear in our brochures, website and other marketing materials. If a customer does not wish to be photographed this should be raised with CWC management in writing before the session commences.

Data Protection

CWC is the data controller and will process the data in accordance with the current law. 

Activities / Group Structure

All information on activities is given in good faith. All arrangements and activities are subject to change without prior notice. 

Intellectual Property

The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the products and services shown in CWC’s brochures, website and other materials shall at all times remain the property of CWC.